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My Subject

Sculpture has long been deeply connected to our spiritual world through Buddhist statues and

other forms of expression.Using the same tools and techniques as a thousand years ago,

we reinterpret and create modern art from a new perspective.

We believe that we can bring moisture, comfort, and excitement to our living space, and even transform the environment into something more attractive.

I continued my creative work.

And modern people are fascinated by Buddhist statues from over a thousand years ago and

have a heart-to-heart conversation with them.

I have also been thinking about creating something that could be called a modern Buddhist statue.

What has supported my creations is universal and fundamental beauty that can stand the test of time.

Perhaps it was the joy and pain of reaching a destination.



1952   Born in Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture

1974   Studied with the sculptor Wada Kengo from Numazu City and entered training

          as a private pupil

1984   Returning home, establishing an atelier in the Susono city, becoming independent and                  entering creative activities

1986   Completed the Gempo-routaishi statue of Zen temple (Ryutakuji) in                              

           Mishima city

1994    Solo exhibition (Numazu Citizen's Cultural Center)

1997    Completed 13 street sculptures over 3 years in Numazu city street

2001    Solo exhibition (Supporter Citizen's Cultural Center)

2003    Solo exhibition (Shizuoka City)

2005    Solo exhibition (Mishima City)

2016    Solo exhibition (Mishima City)

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